Episode 8 – Dirty Hands (Part 2)

Welcome back and thank you for tuning into another episode of the Biblical Manhood Podcast! We have an interesting show for us to explore today. We will be continuing our look into the Biblical man mentioned as the “gatekeeper” or “doorholder” in Neh. 4:13. This time we will be talking about the weapon the gatekeeper holds in the hand opposite the one that works. Just a fair warning about today’s episode, it may get a tad controversial because we will be venturing into an area where many Christians differ greatly in the application of a practice known to the world as self defense. We will look at some text that may surprise you, no matter where you come down on the issue. Its a great thing for us to talk about in 2011, specially since the news about Osama caused something not seen in recent history: Christians rejoicing together with non-believers in the streets.

So how does a Biblical man go about defending himself? If he gets mugged, is he supposed to fight back? If his loved ones are in trouble or being subject to imminent harm, is he supposed to ask the mean man to stop? Does he run? Does he offer his wife and child as gifts to the mean man? Back in the Old Testament the rule was simple, but hard: eye for an eye. Jesus fulfilled that in the new testament by blessing the peace-makers and rebuking many to give up their cloaks if someone would take their belongings. Today, in 2011, men have changed quite a bit. We are so much more unsure of ourselves. Toughness and violence are frowned upon and discouraged in almost every instance and cause. The death of Osama reminded me that our emascualted culture still has some place for praising violence if all collectively think it was “deserved.”

Many times, men are led to make assumptions based on their observations of the world around them, rather than the truth inside them. Take sex, for example. The world around says to spread your seed and praises promiscuity. The truth is that sex was meant for a safe and most enjoyable framework: marriage. I’ve spoken with countless friends, believing and not, who wholeheartedly agree. I think we (modern men, and even Biblical men as a whole) have made a false assumption proposed by the world pertaining to violence and self defense. The world says that violence solves nothing and praises, here’s the keyword: tolerance. The truth is that violence is best exercised in the perfect justice of God. This, I think, is another concept even non-believers, though they may profess not to know God, understand. It is a part of this absolute truth, a common grace like the sun that shines on believers and non believers alike. It is very human to feel relief when justice is served. We don’t have to convince ourselves of it or be talked into feeling at peace when we can clearly see that justice was served.

But what form does that perfect justice of God take?

We will begin to look at a very deep question, close to the heart of defining Biblical manhood in today’s episode of the Biblical Manhood Podcast.

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Bible Verses Related to Self Defense:



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Episode 7 – Dirty Hands

Thank you for returning to the Biblical Manhood Podcast! What an amazing week! God is so good. As for the Biblical Manhood Podcast, this episode, like the others, didn’t really come together until the very end of the writing portion. It is so crazy how the “not sure where this is going” turned “Glory to God ties it all together at the last minute” has happened for almost every episode. Hah! That’s really all there is to say!

In Genesis 2:15 (ESV), it says: “The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Mind you, man’s working was before anyone ever even ate an apple. Eve was barely a twinkle in God’s eye while Adam was working in the garden! God even created Eve because Adam needed help. All this is to say that man’s work predates sin. So, sinless work under God at the hands of man existed before man’s image fell. Adam’s work, like everything before sin, glorified God and probably satisfied Adam deeply. In light of this, I believe that there was a sinless way for a man to do work. But what does that look like today, in a fallen world?

A quote from Kay Stepkin says that “Your work is your identity.” Men today often do not glorify God with their work. Many seem to either idolize their work or neglect its significance all together. I know I am only starting to figure out what the work of my life is supposed to be. I used to see work as a menial means to a selfish end. After the month I’ve had recently, I’m starting to think much differently about the topic. I propose that  modern men’s idolization of and/or indifference toward work do not bear fruit in the kingdom, but have immense impact on the “Man Problem” (See Episode 1) facing our society and culture. The potential to have joy in work seems like foolishness to men, or many have a lame idea of what “joy in work” looks like. However, we will see today that the truly Biblical man has perpetually satisfying and immensely glorifying joy in his work.

Today we will continue our discussion of the GateKeepers as we saw them in Neh. 4:17. More specifically, we will look at the hand that works. Our culture places heavy emphasis on a man’s work. We’ve already explored a work ethic imbalance between men and women in their twenties. Men in my demographic make less than women who share the age group and demonstrate less drive to achieve. If we are so apathetic and indifferent about our identity in society that our work reflects it, then there should be some consequences. The Bible has many things to say about being idle, apathetic, lazy. None of the scripture with which I am familiar speaks approvingly of these qualities, especially for Biblical men.

We will talk about some of my work-related experiences and paradigm shift since starting the Biblical Manhood Podcast. We will look at some scripture that pertains directly, but discreetly, about a Biblical man’s work. The scripture we will read later hit me at the last minute when writing this episode. It wonderfully sums up all the points and experiences that led me to making this little expansion of the GateKeepers installment.  I hope you will find that you relate well to some of these experiences and are encouraged in your walk as a Biblical man. As always, please share your comments with me. Let me know if something I’ve said really hits home with what you’re going through and don’t be afraid to share your experience.

By delving the concept of work for the Biblical man, we will come to see that, as Biblical men, we are inseparable from our “work”. As Christians, our identity is found in Christ. Kay Stepkins quote is true and telling for Biblical men too. But if we do our “work” Biblically, we will glorify God and be satisfied in the ultimate source of joy.

Here’s an equation for all our Biblical theoretical mathematicians out there:

If Work=Our Identity

And Our Identity÷Christ

Then ????

John 15

Episode 6 – Gatekeepers

Welcome back to you and to me also! I’ve been very busy this past week with some great things to share in today’s episode. It is so cool to see how God works and have this podcast medium to share what I’ve learned and experienced in a way that you can enjoy also.

Today we will discuss the new page I added across the menu bar at the top of the website called “GateKeepers.” In this page you will find links to other Biblical men’s projects, work, ministries, etc. I knew I wanted to have a place for you to see  some other solid Biblically manly links but wanted to title it something other than just “Links.” Because that’s just boring! What we’re doing here at the Biblical Manhood Podcast is hardly boring.

We will explore who the Gatekeeper men were in the Bible, what they look like today as Biblical men and my recent experience working on the security team at the Passion conference in Ft. Worth. It should be an interesting episode and will allow us to explore more scripture in an applicable way for the Biblical man. I’m so glad you’ve come back to listen and I hope to benefit from your comments, so please leave them! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy Episode 6 – GateKeepers.


Passion Conferences: http://www.268generation.com/

One Verse: http://oneverse.org/

Christy Nockels – Waiting Here for You (Live from Passion 2011 in Atlanta, GA)


Absolutely beautiful. A must watch.

You are every thing you promised

Your faithfulness is true

We are desperate for your presence

All we need is You

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Episode 5 – Looking Back

Thank you so much for tuning in today! I think you’ll really enjoy this episode that absolutely wove itself. Today we will take a look back at the Biblical Manhood Podcast so far. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “But, Gabe… you’ve only done 4 episodes and you’re already doing a retrospective episode!?” Yes. Because this month has been very special to me and I’ve been very careful to see God’s handiwork in so many things.

Today we’ll open with an extended announcements portion to bring everyone up to speed on the latest technological developments, announce the www.biblicalmanhoodpodcast.com domain launch and other exciting events. I had also planned to have an interview for this landmark episode and release to iTunes, but set new dates for these two items. After the announcements, we will discuss some surprises and affirmations I’ve had on this open, paved road to forming the Biblical Manhood Podcast. Then we will end the discussion with a Bible verse (1 Tim. 6:11) that seems to speak a life stages guide over us in our journey on the road of Biblical manhood.

Thanks again for listening. Please leave comments. You can e-mail me now, at biblicalmanhoodpodcast@gmail.com. We have a Facebook page, although it isn’t pretty, and a Twitter username: twitter.com/BiblicalManhood. So friend us, follow us, and look for more content on those avenues. I’ve also added a tab for our first tool in the Biblical Manhood Podcast Toolbox: The Time Budget Calculator. This tool is for you to use as a reference in budgeting your time, like we discussed in Episode 4 – Time Budget Experiment.